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Water Damage Restoration Douglas County

Challenges presented by the nature of water damage Highlands Ranch issues is bread and butter business for Chris and his crews of expert-trained professionals with 911 Restoration Douglas County.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Vacuuming Up WaterFortunately for the good people of this area, there is no one more prepared with the right training and IICRC certification needed to get the job done quickly and without eroding any corners in the process.

“We move quickly to take care of water damage situations, but we never miss a step in the process,” Chris says. “We make sure that everything is done to the correct standard every time so that the homeowner never has to worry about anything once we’ve done our work.”

Water damage and all of the issues that it can cause must be taken seriously, else people risk the chances of creating more costly damages in the long run which will only increase the time and expenses needed to alleviate them.

Water damage restoration work isn’t simply about extracting liquid from homes and businesses, or eliminating the damage that has ensued, it’s about giving property owners back their frame of mind.

And providing for people, especially those in crisis, is just what gets Chris and his teams up in the morning to save the day.

Don’t let a water damage job turn into a water damage and mold contamination job. Contact Chris and the specialists with 911 Restoration Douglas County today!

Avoiding Water Damage Effectively!

To make sure that the people of Highlands Ranch are properly taken care of, Chris and his crews go the Extra Mile to provide people with all the advice and expertise they need to prevent most disasters from ever happening in the first place.

Water Damage Restoration From Bathroom Flood“People need to make sure that the downspouts from their gutters and roof drainage system are pointed away from the home,” Chris explains, “and then that they project the outflow at least five feet away from the foundation of the structure too.”

Additionally, homeowners and businesses alike need to make sure that the temperature of the property is always above the freezing point of water.

“This will help to ensure that any water remaining inside of the pipe doesn’t freeze and cause a blockage which then turns into a pipe burst,” Chris explains.

Finally, people should never use caustic chemicals to try and clean out their drains and systems. This might work in the short term, but over the long haul it will only erode the metal in the pipes and eventually create a failure causing water damage everywhere.

Don’t let your home dip below zero and cause a pipe burst catastrophe. Contact our specialists with 911 Restoration Douglas County today!

Knowing the Past Prevents Water Damage in the Future

Chris loves to learn about history, and one of his favorite topics is the history of the areas that he lives and works in.

Water Damage Restoration Van Outside Headquarters LocationHighlands Ranch, as it turns out, has been the site of much flooding over the years, and on more than one occasion it has become so powerful that it almost wiped the city off the map.

Chris and his professional crews of restoration experts are here to ensure that this never happens again, and this is why they make themselves available to whoever needs assistance 24/7/365 for just such flooding woes.

“When Highlands Ranch was flooded out by the South Platte River in 1965 it left a mark not just on the homes and businesses of the area at the time, but on the people too,” Chris explains, “and today, with the powerful forces of climate change always keeping everyone guessing, we want to make sure that the people are taken care of if challenges like this return.”

Chris and his staff know how stressful a water damage situation can become and this is why they do all in their power to go the Extra Mile for clients to ensure that they are as taken care of as possible during their time of need.

“We will even file the insurance paperwork for our customers,” Chris says. “We don’t think they need to deal with a water damage event and the hassle of an insurance agent at the same time, so we do that for them.”

Don’t let the challenges of a water damage dilemma erupt in your home unexpectedly. Call Chris and his crews of water damage Highlands Ranch specialists with 911 Restoration today!

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