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Mold Removal Highland Ranch

When the good people of Highlands Ranch start breathing in fungus particulate, they rely on the expertise and IICRC certified abilities of Chris Paillette and his mold removal Highlands Ranch crews with 911 Restoration Douglas County to get the job done right the first and only time.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Prepping Air MoversTaking on the effects presented by a mold contamination is a challenge and this is why Chris and his staff are all highly trained in every aspect of mold remediation.

This way they can safely eliminate the infestation from your home without spreading it or affecting anyone’s health in the process.

“We put up vapor barriers and air control devices that virtually ensure that there won’t be any transference to other parts of the property while we do our mold removal work,” Chris explains.

Making sure that mold doesn’t get moved around the structure is key to preventing its spread within a home, and this is why Chris and all of his team members are trained and properly accredited in the industry.

Don’t give mold a chance to harm the health of you and your family. Contact Chris and his specialist mold removal Highlands Ranch pros with 911 Restoration today!

Mold Contamination Prevention Tips and Tricks

Mold moves fast, but not fast enough to escape Chris and his staff of master mold remediation pros.

Water Damage Restoration of Soaked Drywall Debris RemovalThat being said, Chris loves the people and homes of Highlands Ranch so much that he wants to give people all the help and advice they need to prevent a mold situation in the first place.

“People can easily prevent mold if they go the distance to make sure that any spills or floods are properly taken care of,” Chris explains. “Often times this means completely drying out an area that has had a water damage event. Bleach will also do wonders at killing mold spores that land during the drying process.”

Additionally, mold can always be prevented by making sure rooms are well ventilated and aired out. Sometimes achieving this can simply mean opening up a window to let in some fresh air.

Moreover, if a room does have an excessive amount of humidity, a solid method for removing it is to simply put in a portable dehumidifier to extract the moisture from the air.

Don’t let a mold situation catch you off guard. Contact Chris and his mold removal specialists with 911 Restoration Douglas County today!

On the Scene of a Mold Removal Project

Chris and his staff have solved the challenges presented by mold exposures all over Highlands Ranch and this is how they have come to know the microscopic menace with such familiarity.

Water Damage Restoration Van And Trucks At Commerical Job LocationOn one project Chris and his team had been called out to solve a simple water damage incident. Little did they know that when they arrived at the scene of the damage, they would be doing so long after the water had subsided.

Previous instances of water damage are one of the most common ways that mold colonies take hold and form roots in homes and businesses and this was one instance where mold had nearly affected everything.

“The entire area where the water had been became a breeding ground for black mold spores and fungus of all shapes and sizes,” Chris explains. “It was extraordinary, but we still managed it, and eventually brought the house back to what it looked like before the water damage even.”

Chris and his specialized staff have a knack at taking extraordinarily difficult mold growths and eliminating them like they were never there, and this is just one of the skills that puts him at the cutting edge of the restoration industry.

Another one of Chris’ exceptional skills is his ability to take care of his clients when they are in a time of true need.

Chris wants to go the Extra Mile so much for his customers that he will even take the initiative and file the mold removal paperwork for people so that they don’t have to deal with a fungus infestation concurrent with an insurance agent conversation, as these can be taxing all on their own.

Don’t give mold a chance to spread. Call Chris and his pro teams of mold removal Highlands Ranch experts at 911 Restoration today and let them take care of all your spore elimination needs safely!

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