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Fire and Smoke Damage Highland Ranch

Fire and Smoke issues can happen in any home or business, and usually without any warning which is why Chris and his teams of specialists with 911 Restoration Douglas County are set up and ready to arrive on the scene of just such a scenario within 45 minutes of a distress call.

Water Damage Restoration Technicians Removing Debris To Street DumpsterWhen it comes to taking on the challenges presented by a fire and smoke restoration Highlands Ranch situation, there is no one more adept and skilled at the work than Chris and his staff.

“We’ve done this work for quite some time,” Chris explains, “and that gives us an edge when it comes to taking on the kinds of effects that a fire or smoke restoration project can entail.”

Fire and smoke dilemmas are also regularly accompanied by water damage, because the fire department which extinguishes the flames, usually tend to do so with large quantities of water from a fire hose.

“Once a fire has been put out, then we need to get to work immediately to save the property from both the damage of the fire and the escalating damage that the water will cause next,” Chris says.

Getting to the scene of a fire and smoke restoration Highlands Ranch project is crucial when it comes to saving the building from the after-effects of such situations.

Don’t let your home or business be overwhelmed by a fire and smoke challenge. Contact Chris and his teams of professionals with 911 Restoration Douglas County today!

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Needs Immediacy

When Chris takes on a fire and smoke damage restoration project in Highlands Ranch, he does so with true haste. It is crucial when a fire has occurred to get there quickly and start the restoration process without delay.

Water Damage Fire Damage Gutting In ProgressHesitation when dealing with a fire and smoke event allows for the damage to get worse, and for the costs to go up as a result. Additionally, the longer a property owner waits after a fire event the greater the chances for a mold growth situation become.

“Once the fire department puts out the blaze with a healthy water supply, they leave it to sit in your home and sink into the materials there,” Chris explains. “That’s why we can be at the scene within 45 minutes to start the restoration and save the home from such situations.”

Once water infused with particulate from the fire event soaks into the infrastructure of the home it can create a lasting odor that is nearly impossible to eliminate without professional equipment like the kind that Chris and his team bring to such jobs.

Don’t let the smoke from a recent fire sit for too long as this can allow it to become nearly permanent. Contact Chris and his specialized teams of fire and smoke professionals with 911 Restoration Douglas County to take care of it for you today!

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