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Disaster Restoration Highland Ranch

Water Damage Restoration Technician Using Air Mover Near Vapor BarrierSolving the challenges presented by disaster scenarios is a regular task for our teams of specialized experts with 911 Restoration Douglas County. And their familiarity with these types of events is why they are the best in the business at quickly dealing with them in the safest manner possible.

Our staff are IICRC certified and prepared to take on all kinds of different disaster events, such as tornado strikes, lightening induced fires, mold contaminations, sewage backup cleanup events, and even water damage from a flooding scenario.

With all the latest drying technology and the most capable restoration professionals on our staff, we know all there is to about every kind of disaster scenario.

Immediacy when it comes to disaster situations is what makes the difference between a simple restoration task and a full-on restoration project. Lingering in these situations doesn’t ever do any good.

Don’t wait another minute. Call our specialists with 911 Restoration Douglas County and get all the help you and your home need today!

Disaster Prevention Means Extensive Planning

Water Damage Restoration From Misplaced ScrewWhen it comes to preventing disasters in the first place, there is no one more experienced and informed than our specialized and IICRC certified teams with 911 Restoration.

Preventing disasters can simply amount to preventing the damage that they cause. For flooding, you can prepare your home by testing the sump pumps to make sure they work perfectly when a flood rises.

If the flood is large enough, you may need to have sandbags prepared and ready to create a barrier between your home and the flood waters.

Don’t take the chance that the next disaster will just pass you by. Contact our disaster restoration Highlands Ranch crews for all the preparation advice and help you need today!

Frozen Disaster Restoration

On one occasion, our crew showed up to a home in the Highlands Ranch area that had an ice storm affect it the night before. The homeowner was visiting with a friend and didn’t realize that they had left the heater off.

Disaster Restoration Highland RanchThe temperature dropped too much and a pipe burst behind the bathroom wall creating a small pond on the first floor that soaked everything and then started to freeze solid.

We also recognized that the situation was very taxing for the homeowner since they were never expecting such a high level of damage. This is why we took it upon himself to go the Extra Mile and file the insurance paperwork for the customer so they didn’t have to deal with it as added stress.

Our confidence comes from a total dedication to this industry and perfecting our tradecraft for it. Our abilities and skills are unmatched by other professionals in the area, and that makes us your best choice for a solution to all your disaster related problems.

Don’t give a disaster scenario the chance to do more damage to your home, be prepared for anything with the help of our crews at 911 Restoration Douglas County today!

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