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Chris Paillette’s ambition is to save the homes and businesses of Douglas County from water damage and any other kind of home disaster with the help of his highly trained and IICRC certified crew at 911 Restoration Douglas County.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Prepping Suction HosesWith years of experience in the industry, Chris knows that taking care of homes and businesses is only one stage of many in the restoration process.

He also knows that one of the most important steps to take is to ensure the homeowner is in the right state of mind throughout the entire project.

“When we start a water damage job, we don’t only extract the debris and water from the home or business,” Chris explains, “we extract the frustration and worry from our customers state of mind.”

Taking on water damage, sewage issues, mold, fire, smoke, and disasters of all forms every day is what keeps Chris at the top of his game and ready for anything at any time.

“My teams and I are always ready 24/7/365 for any kind of emergency that comes our way,” Chris says.

Providing services to the people of Douglas County is an all-hours occupation, and that’s why Chris’ crews can be at the job site within 45 minutes to begin the work of eliminating the water, and the worries of every client.

Don’t let the challenges that a water damage Highlands Ranch situation can cause affect your home unexpectedly. Contact Chris and have him solve all of your home’s restoration requirements in no time today!

Tips on Water Damage Restoration Prevention from the Best

From all of his time in the field working on everything from plumbing issues to fire and disaster restorations, Chris knows that maintenance and prevention checks are far more cost effective than restoration efforts can ever be.

Water Damage Restoration In Progress For DenThis is why he always gives his customers advice on how to stave off the worst. From water damage to mold effects, there are ways to lessen the impact of damage, or eliminate its chances all together.

“People should always make sure to keep the temperature of their home above the freeze point,” Chris states. “This will virtually ensure that they don’t encounter a pipe burst crisis unexpectedly.”

Additionally people should never flush anything down their systems that may not be able to disintegrate.

“It may say biodegradable, but in truth the time frame for doing so may be in decades and not hours which will eventually clog the system and cost money and time to remedy.” Chris says.

Ultimately, having a professional come and check the whole system once a year for everything from ruptured hoses to plaque in the lines may be a good investment for preventing the extremes of damage that water can induce.

Don’t give a water damage situation any time to evolve as this will only end up being more difficult and expensive to amend. Contact Chris and his crews of seasoned experts with 911 Restoration Douglas County today for all the help you need!

A Story of Water Damage Remediation

Chris has been on a host of different jobs in his time, but one of his most memorable recently was when he went to the site of a ceiling leak water damage Highlands Ranch job.

Water Damage Restoration SUV ParkedWhen he got to the site of this situation he found that the ceiling leak was actually caused by a collapse in the roof line which the homeowner didn’t even know about.

Being elderly made it difficult for the homeowner to travel outdoors during the winter, and they never realized that a tree branch had put a hole right through the roof.

“It wasn’t a huge hole, but it was enough to let in the snow, and that meant some ceiling and water damage occurred as a result,” Chris explains.

Chris, being the man of the people that he is, made sure that the homeowner had their roof repaired, the leak stopped, the ceiling fixed and the problem solved all before the next snow set in.

This is just the kind of restoration professional that Chris is, and the type of care for his customers that he brings to every job site.

If your roof is damaged by something of this nature, then don’t hesitate to contact Chris and his specialists with 911 Restoration Douglas County today!

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